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  • 11 sneaky diet hacks that’ll help you eat more food without force-feeding yourself nauseating protein shakes and chalky health bars. 
  • The three mechanisms of muscle growth that, when programmed strategically, become a virtuous cycle of strength and muscle growth.
  • The Big 6 exercises responsible for 95% of your muscle growth and how to perform them for maximum results.
  • An easy-to-follow, proven training system created specifically for naturally skinny beginners who want to pack on the most muscle in the next 90 days.
Discover How an Insecure 23 Year Old Skinny Retail Salesman Packed On 27 Pounds Of Rock Hard Muscle And Became One of The Top Skinny Guy Transformation Coaches In America
I’m Alain Gonzalez and I wasn’t always a Skinny Guy Transformation Coach…

In fact, my story is probably a lot like yours… 

I was always the smallest guy growing up…

Especially in high school when all my buddies started putting on muscle effortlessly and I was staying the same size, weak and frail-boned…

Being skinny held me back from everything…

You see, I was always into sports… but never big enough to play.

Sad part was, I was actually pretty good.

But the coaches never looked past my bony body and gave me a shot.

Actual photo of me in high-school...just around 90 lbs!

Fast forward a few years later and my friends had only gotten bigger…

More confident and successful…

And here I was… still their “skinny friend”…

Despite working out just as hard, if not harder than they were...

I'll never forget taking this picture. It was my daughter's first birthday and all I could think about was how embarrassed and ashamed I was about all the jokes that would come from this photo.
I Felt Like a 23 Year Old Man Trapped In The Body Of a 16 Year Old Boy
And the older I got, the more insecure I became.

The only attention I got from women is when they’d point out my scrawny arms, puny wrists, and pathetic bird chest…

They said things like, “you’re so skinny, you make me feel fat when I’m around you”…

And the few times I was lucky enough to land a date, it always ended in disaster…

I’d feel like the tiny geek who looked like her little brother…

Which actually happened…

I was on a date with this beautiful girl and a guy with big arms starting hitting on her right in front of me…

His excuse… “I thought this was your little brother”…

She giggled a bit and even touched the guy’s arm when she laughed…

Do you know how embarrassing that was for me?

And I could only imagine how she felt…

Sitting across the table from a guy with a tiny body that doesn’t make her feel safe or secure…

I’d had enough…

I wanted respect.

I wanted to be treated like a MAN.
That was the day that I decided enough was enough.
Things are going to change!
I started taking all types of weight gain supplements and hitting the gym 5–6 days a week.

I was determined to put on some size and start looking my age.

I remember my mom saying “Alain, stop wasting your money on all that crap, fast metabolism runs in the family, consider yourself lucky!”

I didn’t listen – I was in the gym religiously, day after day, sometimes even twice a day. I tried super sets, split routines, negatives…you name it!

I even subscribed to muscle magazines and started following the workouts the pros were doing.

My friends said “You have to lift heavy, that’s how you build mass man”…so I did.

They said, “You have to eat more, any down time you have you should be munching”… so I did that too. I was eating everything in sight and 
pounding down protein shakes like they were water….

I got so desperate that I even hired a personal trainer at the gym I attended who promised me big results.

He told me I could transform my body in 6 months if I followed his instructions and I thought he was the solution to all of my problems, except I was broke now but I didn’t care.

6 Months later and I hadn’t moved the scale one bit.
After 6 months with a personal trainer...and I REALLY thought I was making gains.
Here I was 6 months into taking from "experts" and gurus. Sure, I passed the 100 pound mark, but still lightyears away from my goal. 

But I refused to spend the rest of my life living with the insecurities of not being respected.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands if I was going to get the results I wanted.

I threw myself wholeheartedly into studying biology, nutrition, kinesiology – you name it!

But most importantly, I questioned the pros who were hardgainers (like me) by concentrating on how they overcame their sticking points. 

After months of research, trial and error, and experimenting with different lifting approaches I finally came across the secret to massive muscle gains for skinny guys. 
I discovered an astonishing lie and figured out why I wasn’t getting results.
I discovered that what all of those training routines by “fitness gurus” and bodybuilding magazines were actually AMAZINGLY bad for guys like us…these workout approaches are actually sabotaging our ability to gain ANY muscle!

So why haven’t I ever heard of this type of training before? And why if it worked so well did no one ever write or talk about it?

It was simple, these methods were unconventional and went against EVERYTHING most of us have EVER heard about building muscle. So instead of contradicting everything everyone had ever written or taught about building muscle, these muscle magazines and “fitness gurus” kept it in the wraps.
As soon as I uncovered this strange weight lifting method,
I was able to pack on 27 pounds of lean mass!
This is me after implementing this little-know method
I packed on 27 pounds of lean mass.
I started turning heads everywhere I went, girls wanted to be with me and guys wanted to be like me. Compliments from friends, family, and random women were an everyday thing.

My confidence was through the roof and I wasn’t just shopping in the men’s section, I was popping out of my new clothes!

A few of my buddies pulled me aside and begged me to tell them what I was doing. I told some of my buddies about my new weight training method and they got even BETTER results… in fact, my brother packed on over 30 pounds of lean mass and is now perusing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

As you can see, I am very passionate about what this transformation did for my life.

I knew I had to share this discovery with the world.

So I borrowed my buddies camera, started a YouTube channel to share my techniques with other skinny guys, and it spread like wildfire! (Today we’re at over 9 million views!)
I was up day and night answering emails from guys just like me who struggled to gain weight… 

Guys who once felt doomed to be stuck in their scrawny bodies forever now had hope that they, too, could transform their lives. 

But with dozens of emails coming in every few hours, there was no way I’d be able to help everyone…

This was something I couldn’t accept!

Then, one quiet afternoon as I was reading and replying to email, it hit me like a ton of bricks!

What these frustrated skinny guys wanted wasn’t a reply from me saying “If I can do it, you can too!”

They didn’t need motivation…

They needed a system…

From there I created my first ever training course for skinny guys… the same program I used to completely transform my physique and my life.

Since its release, the program has taken thousands of scrawny hardgainers from weak and frail to jacked and confident.
I’ve Coached More Than 75,000 Skinny Guys From 109 Different Countries With My Unique Muscle Building Strategies.
I’ve been blessed to create one of the largest online fitness channels geared toward skinny men who struggle to gain weight and build muscle.

And the reason these people listen to me is because I’ve got a track record of taking guys from Tiny Tim to Johnny Bravo, FAST.

My work has been featured in some of the most prestigious fitness publications on the planet--Muscle & Strength, T-Nation, Men’s Muscle & Health Magazine, just to name a few.

Why have I been so successful at helping scrawny hardgainers pack on slabs of muscle in record time? I’ve created a simple, step by step solution specifically designed for naturally skinny guys who struggle to gain weight and build muscle – not the genetic freak who can gain muscle by simply walking into a gym.
Here’s a Sneak Peek at What
You’ll Discover Inside Bulk up Fast:
  • The 4 most important training principles directly responsible for helping you gain your first 27 pounds of solid muscle without adding inches to your waist.
  • An easy to follow, done-for-you nutrition system designed to have you packing on pounds of muscle without ever succumbing to the dreaded “weight-gain plateau”.
  • Complete Done-For-You meal plans at every calorie level so that you effortlessly gain slabs of muscle without ever wondering what to eat next.
  • The “Big 6” exercise that, if performed in a strategic manner, will be responsible for 95% of your muscle gains… (if you’re not doing these 6 exercises, you’ll NEVER maximize your muscle growth)
  • The ONLY supplements that have been PROVEN to work so you NEVER waste another dime on pills or powders that do NOTHING but empty your pockets.
  • Plus an entire 90-day, 3-phase weight training system utilizing the 3 most powerful mechanisms for muscle growth, strategically designed to get you as big as possible in the least amount of time. 
Plus, much more!

But before you get too excited, remember: this program is for naturally skinny guys who struggle to gain weight and build muscle. If you’re not a scrawny hardgainer with small wrists, small ankles, and a small appetite, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU… so don’t waste your time.
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Why Am I Giving It Away for Free?
You may be wondering why I would make such an offer.

It’s very simple.  
My mission is to help 100,000 skinny guys to
transform their body and their life before I’m 35. 
By giving away my best work (this book) it takes me one step closer to my mission…

...And more importantly, it takes YOU one giant step closer to building the body you want and deserve! 

Plus, I hope that once you transform your body using this free book, that you might come back and join my Project Hypertrophy VIP Club.  
Here’s What Some Of The Industry’s Top Experts
Have Had To Say About Bulk Up Fast 
“ The 90-Day Bulk-Up Fast Blueprint is something I wish I had when I started bodybuilding over 20 years ago. I can totally relate to all the guys buying this book as I was once a skinny guy too. At 5'10, I was 149 pounds when I started, but it took me years to learn all the same principles and reach 200 pounds by sifting through 100's of magazines, not knowing what was factual or not. And now you can have everything you need within the pages of this book to reach your ultimate physique, you just need to rigorously apply Alain's teachings. “
Matt Stirling
Pro Bodybuilder
WBFF World Champion
High-Level Transformation Coach
" Alain Gonzalez is the real deal. He practices what he preaches and has transformed his body from a scrawny 107 pound weakling to a jacked and shredded fitness authority. Alain has, hands down, the most inspiring bony-to-brawny story I've ever heard." 
Brandon Carter 
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Model  
Best Selling Author 
Celebrity Trainer 
" This is a must read for anyone that is looking to build muscle and look their best, whether on stage or at the beach. Alain breaks down the truths about proper training and nutrition and what it really takes to pack on slabs of muscle without getting fat in the process. This book is worth picking up for the training program alone! There is no sugar coating in this book. It is raw, real and full of experienced wisdom that Alain himself has applied and lived by throughout his fitness journey."
Johnny Sierra
Founder, Sierra Performance LLC
Pro Bodybuilder 
" Bulk Up Fast follows course scientific principles that allow beginners, intermediate or advanced trainees to learn the fundamentals of gaining mass. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an overview of the science and correct nutritional approaches. The science is broken down in an understandable fashion and teaches you how to apply it into the gym. Highly recommended for those interested in fitness and lean mass gains! ”
Rudy Mawer
Sports Scientist, 
Celebrity Trainer
" Alain has put together an excellent book on the meat and potatoes of how to bulk up the natural way. His programming is easy to follow yet highly effective. You're going to learn a lot by reading this and if you implement his methods I have no doubt that you will experience a positive and life-changing bulk up transformation without getting fat through the process. ”
Vince Delmonte
Author of Living Large
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Here is to transforming your body

Take care, 
Alain Gonzalez

Author, Bulk Up Fast 
Certified Personal Trainer 
Owner, Muscle Monsters LLC 
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